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Sector Updates/Panels

At CHILDS Advisory Partners, we believe in being sector focused with a team of experts who have extensive understanding of our industries worldwide. Why? Because we are committed to being the most informed and connected player in our sectors—giving CHILDS’ clients a significant edge. 

CHILDSConnect 2018 Sector Updates/Panels

Location: Astor Ballroom A

CHILDS Presenter/Moderator: Ross DeDeyn

Human Capital Management
Location: Astor Ballroom C&D

CHILDS Presenter/Moderator: Dave Phillips/Alan Bugler

Industrial Services

Location: Vanderbilt

CHILDS Moderator: Jason Wallace

IT & Professional Services
Location: Astor Ballroom B

CHILDS Moderator: Tom Donahue

Location: Carnegie

CHILDS Moderator: Scott Rhodes