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Keynote Presentation & Speaker

Our 2018 keynote presenation and speaker will be determined later this fall.  Please see below for information about Roberto Masiero, our 2017 speaker.


CHILDSConnect 2017 Keynote Presentation & Speaker


Roberto Masiero, Senior Vice President of ADP Innovation Labs

Automatic Data Processing, LLC

Our work practices and the tools we use to do our work are changing. What are the impacts of the digital on the human and how might we embrace human-machine collaborations to build stronger, more competitive workforces? Roberto Masiero will share his thoughts on innovation, work, and creating tools to help your people succeed.

Roberto Masiero Bio

Roberto Masiero is the Senior Vice President of ADP Innovation Labs. Roberto joined ADP in 2000 as Director, Information Technology for ADP Brazil, when his company in Brazil was acquired by ADP. Over the last 12 years, he has led several research and development teams on core ADP solutions. Today, Roberto is responsible for ADP's Innovation Lab, where new technologies are researched and new products are developed and incubated. Recent projects include mobile applications, semantic search, big data, behavioral intelligence, and marketplace.